Baptist Church of Worldwide Evangelization (BCWE) (IBEM)

The main focus of our ministry is:


To plant churches everywhere through its Five Steps of Mission (Evangelism, Discipleship, Teaching, Serving and Sending), each of the IBEM congregations works closely with people to reach them for Christ. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some (1 Corinthians 9:22).


Also, to promote workers to open new points of mission capable of preaching and teaching the gospel and develop new congregations in urban and rural areas.


IBEM is involved in street evangelism through printed literature and distribution. Bible training center “School of Ministers”, Christian School “Source of Light”, kindergarten “Little Lights”, feeding and clothing the poor and homeless. Newspaper Evangelism, Christian camps, Spiritual Retreats and Encounters for all ages. Bible Clubs for Christmas, Easter, and School Holidays with Jesus held in parks. Film ministry and Bible courses by correspondence to throughout Argentina.


And also weekly visits to Geriatrics, Psychiatric homes and Hospitals.


Our Church, BCWE “Baptist Church of Worldwide Evangelization”, which was founded by Pastor Jorge Ovando and his wife Caty, officially started in 1990 in the city of Lujan, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


We are a ministry dedicated to introduce Jesus Christ personally to this generation through Evangelization, Discipleship, Training, Service and Sending believers to achieve the “Great Commission” efficiently.


We are also a Cellular Church passionate about souls. Our main goal is to win the lost and look after people so that they can achieve the purpose God has in store for their lives.


We are an active church that trains leaders to plant new churches in different cities of our country as well as abroad.


Our ministry is situated in the city of Lujan, the Mecca of Catholicism in Argentina, and considered the most important centre of Catholic pilgrimage in Latin America. These pilgrims need to meet the “Only Mediator”, Our Lord Jesus Christ. For that reason we proclaim Lujan as the city of Jesus Christ, preaching the Gospel in many different ways, and thus reach the whole world.