Source of light Christian School is a primary bilingual school designed to serve the community of Lujan and surrounding area, providing quality Education based on the principles of the Word of God. Through personalized caring for the needs of each student since it was established in 2004, the School has aimed to develop the Christian character based on values and academic progress.


“The Mission of Source of Light Christian School is to equip the child with excellent academic education, basing its principles on the reflection of all integrated subjects as a whole together with the principles of the Word of God, The Bible”.



Teach the students to show God in everything they do in a practical and dynamic way as well as love everyone equally.


Teach with excellence in order to instil a love of learning in children and encourage them to continue studying throughout life.


Help pupils to develop a healthy relationship with God so that they can have a respectful and loving relationship with their family, teachers, friends, classmates and others.


Develop an education of the emotions in pupils so that they can get to know their emotions, express them and handle them to cope with life and with other people. As a result the pupils will develop a pacifying behaviour, a pious character and self-confidence. Also the pupils are taught to assess their strengths and weaknesses, and acquire habits that will allow them to deal with responsibilities and deploy a growing maturity.


Help pupils to deploy and develop their psycho-motor skills, making them understand the importance God gives to their bodies as well as their responsibility to take good care of them.


Encourage the pupils not only to learn about general culture, but also to appreciate the culture of other countries.